The Best Cheap Mobile Phone – The vivo S1 Pro Price

Vivo S1 Pro comes loaded with some amazing features that have made it to the list of best smartphones available in the market. One such feature is the imaging package that supports 3D videos. You can snap pictures of anything using the camera that comes preinstalled in the mobile phone. This high quality video recording can be stored on internal memory or on the SD card which is supplied by the manufacturer.

Another fantastic feature of this smartphone is the f/n camera, which is commonly referred to as frontside camera. The camera comes equipped with optical zoom, which lets you zoom in on your subject. To enable this feature you need to touch on the camera’s power button. It supports image stabilization, enabling the image to be captured smoothly and gives you the option of shooting in various modes like standard, video, photo, and still images.

The vivo s1 pro also comes with two different memory options, one for the primary camera and the other for the built-in memory. While the primary camera has plenty of storage capacity to capture and save high quality videos, the built-in memory is adequate for the majority of tasks. You can use the built-in memory for data storage while you are away from your handset. The built-in memory slots can be accessed by tapping on the SIM card or accessing through the browser if you have a laptop with USB thumb drive. There is a clock alarm, calendar, and weather widget that can be used as the main display when you want to keep track of the time.

Another unique diamond shaped camera panel of the vivo s1 pro is the fact that it has a fast optical drive. The drive is capable of reading and writing  vivo s1 pro documents in an instant. This drive offers easy and smooth transferring of files from the smartphone to the plane. The drive is also capable of storing large folders and numerous videos.

The vivo s1 pro features a unique design for its rear window. The phone’s frame is rectangular in shape but has two unique curves to compliment its curves. The two curves are a signature of HTC. The phone has a dual tone ringtone in its earpiece which can be customized according to your taste. The phone also comes equipped with a unique diamond shaped battery and the handset runs on a moderately powerful quad core processor with the help of an Adreno processor.

The price of the vivo s1 pro price is very affordable with its excellent features and advanced specifications. The cost of this device is around $400 in India and is expected to go high when it comes out in the international markets. There are various online mobile stores as well as offline shops where the vivo s1 pro can be purchased. The retail stores in India stock the device but there are no stores in other parts of India and the product is not available online. The reason behind the absence of the handset in some parts of the country may be that major mobile network providers do not have plans to sell the device in the Indian states.

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